Roman Opalka (1931-2011)

Born in 1931 in Hocquincourt (France), and raised in 2011 in Chieti (Italy), Roman Opalka, one of the youngest painters, had Eugène Delacroix as a model. He had already made a lot of progress with his painting.

However, he was committed to a project that would not only be more important than art and design.

From 1965 to the present day, he has been working on his own workshop, with the aim of creating an unprecedented time. The tools he uses are his details (with the numbers on the page), his photographs and the freeze-frame of his stem.

Roman Opalka worked on a 196x135 cm format to keep up with the digital progress. The elements are about 5 mm high, and are designed with a 0-weight scale. He began to design a new type of work and after 1972, he added 1% to the work of the new type of work.

In 2008, the moment came when he started to paint in his home. He calls it "verdiend wit". For Roman Opalka, it is essential that his work be destroyed, but he can also be reminded that his behaviour is fragile...

In 1972, Roman did not let his work go to waste when he went to the socialist countries. Hij werkt altijd het "schildersdetail" af voor een geplande reis en blijft de volgorde van de nummers in zwarte inkt op A4-papier schrijven. These are the "reiskaarten".

Roman Opalka does not paint the time, but materializes it in a single work, The Details, which is based on three elements: his paintings, his pictures and his photos.


Carte de Voyage Detail (2875545 - 2878714)8)

33 x 24 cm

Encre de Chine sur papier

1965/- ∞

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